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A quick google and I found this for your power issue...

Although I don't see anything about evolution yet

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Vincent <bullet at ballmail.co.za> wrote:

> I have recently installed hardy on my computer running a duel boot
> system with xp pro - Previously had installed feisty with which I was
> very happy until it crashed, not allowing me into ubuntu or windows. The
> IT people I normally deal with knew nothing about how to repair Linux
> with the result that they formatted my hard drive & reloaded windows,
> losing all files - Yes I know - BACKUP!!
> My problem now is extreme nervousness as hardy seems to have a number of
> bugs in it as follows:
> 1.      Wont turn off or shut down computer, the screen just goes blank but
> keeps running - The off button on the tower is non-responsive & the only
> way to turn off is to press the reboot button which works, then go into
> windows & turn off.
> 2.      Doesn't recognise my monitor or windows graphics card & wouldn't
> install in normal mode - Just blanked the screen.
> I could only install in safe graphics mode on 800x600 resolution -
> feisty had no problems in this & ran in 1024x768.
> The card is a S3 Graphics Pro-Savage DDR windows type.
> 3.      Evolution wont open multiple page faxes, only shows me the first
> page.
> The faxes download in .TIFF
> I have sent this problem to evolution & they came back after testing my
> fax which I sent to them, saying the problem appears to lay with the eye
> of gnome program & to report it to you.
> My options on this one at present are to open in gimp & print page by
> page, or to save to a flash drive & open in windows - Something I'm
> finding a tad time wasting.
> The printing(fonts)on these faxes are so small as to be almost
> unreadable, but prints out fine in windows - I've tried everything to
> change the font size but no joy.
> 4.      I'm not sure if this one is an evo or ubuntu problem, but while
> composing an email, ubuntu turned off by itself, in exactly the same way
> as if I'd selected shut down - Blank screen, computer still running &
> having to reboot at the tower - Evo fortunately recovered my work after
> restart - Evolution ver. 2.22.1 is installed in hardy.
> I haven't downloaded any updates as yet for either ubuntu or evolution.
> Please folks, if anyone can help with my hassles I'd be really grateful
> as I enjoy using ubuntu, it's got a great "feel" about it & in my
> opinion, is a quicker more enjoyable system than windows to use.
> Regards
> Vince
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