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Sudhashen Naicker sudhashen at ixion.co.za
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I don't know what the solution your problem is as I don't use evolution.  However one of the ways you can try and troubleshoot is to look at your log files - /var/log/messages. Also look in the log directory for a possible evolution directory-some applications have their own log files. 

Your could also consider switching to thunderbird with all its groovy extensions! Can't do without mine. 

Good luck. 

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I wonder if anyone recognizes this? It seems that if I leave my system (8.10) unattended for a few hours, Evolution stops responding. It sort of gives a white screen with the vertical and horizontal bars showing but nothing else. If I kill Evolution, everything goes on fine and I can load it again with no problems. But if I try and do anything else, the whole system just freezes.
I have no other problems with the system and am ashamed to mention this outside the Ubuntu community. After all I am the guy who boasted about his Ubuntu system running for 3 weeks without a boot until a power failure forced one. (I have started shutting my machine down lately to save power ...) -- 
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