[ubuntu-za] Website being moved

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Sat May 31 12:19:29 BST 2008

Hi Morgan

Morgan Collett wrote:
> Apologies for not announcing this sooner...

No need to apologise from your side, I should've really done it, 
although it was a bit of a last minute-move (mostly due to the amount of 
spam on the old wiki- ARGH!)

> Our website is currently in the process of being moved over to
> Jonathan Carter's server. He is doing a great job of setting it up,
> but right now the process isn't complete.

Been making some nice progress in the last 24h, there's a to-do list on 
the wiki front page at the moment: http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki_Home

The to-do list will move somewhere else when it becomes more complete.

> Please hold off on trying to edit the wiki - there is still work in
> progress and we might do a newer import of the moin data from the old
> site.

The old wiki is now officially gone, so anyone (who is logged in) can 
now edit the wiki. Can you perhaps get a new (and final) snapshot of the 
old wiki? The one I have is about two weeks old (or maybe even older) 
and it's possible that people may have made changes since then.

> Jonathan will notify the list when the site is sufficiently up and
> running for use. Now that we have the whole system under our control
> we can actually do the following which wasn't possible before:
> * block spam (we were getting a good number of wiki spam defacements
> every day which had to be reverted)

We currently have a mediawiki spamregex in place, which has worked quite 
well for the CLUG wiki so far. CLUG has recently implemented a captcha, 
but I'd like to avoid that until it's necessary (personally, they annoy me).

> * improve the theme

We've inherited the Ubuntu India theme (which was inherited from the 
Beagle theme), and our planet and wiki at least looks more or less the 
same. I guess when everything has settled down a bit, we should start 
working on a Drupal theme that will fit in.

> * add a blog planet

That's pretty much sorted out now, I think it's just cosmetic changes 
that are left.

> The new site may require reregistering user accounts - but please wait
> for Jonathan's announcement before attempting that. We will also set
> up a procedure to add/edit the feeds for the planet.

Yes, you are right, the new site does require registering new accounts. 
I will send out a seperate e-mail to announce more wiki news when 
available. I've sent out a previous message asking people to send me 
their feeds for the planet, currently I add them manually.


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