[ubuntu-za] Website being moved

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Fri May 30 13:04:13 BST 2008

Apologies for not announcing this sooner...

Our website is currently in the process of being moved over to
Jonathan Carter's server. He is doing a great job of setting it up,
but right now the process isn't complete.

Please hold off on trying to edit the wiki - there is still work in
progress and we might do a newer import of the moin data from the old

Jonathan will notify the list when the site is sufficiently up and
running for use. Now that we have the whole system under our control
we can actually do the following which wasn't possible before:
* block spam (we were getting a good number of wiki spam defacements
every day which had to be reverted)
* improve the theme
* add a blog planet

The new site may require reregistering user accounts - but please wait
for Jonathan's announcement before attempting that. We will also set
up a procedure to add/edit the feeds for the planet.


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