[ubuntu-za] DVD writer

Jan Kroeze thejcwk at gmail.com
Tue May 13 12:28:44 BST 2008

My sister is using a SATA DVD writer on a Ubuntu 7.04 and hasn't had a
single problem with it. Also, I'm using 2 SATA harddrives with 7.10 and am
also quite happy with them. The only thing I have noticed is that the SATA
cables tend to fall out of their ports if you're transporting your computer,
but this is hardly Linux's fault :)

On 13/05/2008, Robert Holm <robhholm at lantic.net> wrote:
> I need to replace my IDE dvd writer and I discover that SATA units are
> more freely available - and cheaper.
> I have never used a SATA device and before spending the money I would
> just like to know whether I can expect any difficulties.
> I am running Gutsy and Hardy.
> Reassurance would be appreciated!
> Regards
> Robert
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Jan Kroeze
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