[ubuntu-za] Introduction (not a user guide)

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Wed May 7 14:51:36 BST 2008

Hi Péter!

Welcome to Ubuntu-ZA. This community is absolutely what you (*you*,
Péter, and each one of us) make of it.

> Any comment from any of you would signify success in this present exercise.

Congratulations, you got involved! Do not sit back and enjoy the ride.
Go somewhere, and others will follow.

> I'm especially interested in contributing code to the open-source community,
> perhaps Ubuntu itself.

>  So, if you want and are able, you may comment specifically on this.

Find what interests you. Look at the software you use (or could use,
but don't have). Read http://planet.ubuntu.com and see what others are
hacking on. Find something you can tinker with - and use, so you see
the results.

Share your journey in some way.

> - recently I've signed up on Launchpad, signed the ubuntero code-of-conduct,

Yes! Everyone, if you hurry now and do the same, there's a free prize
for signing the code of conduct. It is the realisation that Ubuntu is
*you*. Other users will be helped by *you*. Code will be contributed
by*you*. People will be liberated from the oppression of proprietary
software by *you*.

> PS. if i fade into the obscurity of irrelevance of forgotten people in a
> dispondent spasm of undebut, don't take it personally - I'm not this
> confident in real life.

Pinch yourself. This is real life. You are more confident than 100
other subscribers who have never posted anything to this list.


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