[ubuntu-za] iBurst desktop modem setup

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Mon May 5 23:56:56 BST 2008

Hi Robert

Robert Holm wrote:
> I have now in some way reached a stage where if I left click on the
> network icon I get a message  "Requesting a network address from the
> wired network". But of course it doesn't find one.

Is this an iBurst modem that connects to your computer via an ethernet 
cable, or a PCMCIA modem? I assumed it connected to your computer via 
ethernet, but in either case, you should not have to do anything with 
network manager, or have to set an address of any kind.

> When I set this up on Windows I note that the left hand led on the modem
> changes from green to orange when I connect. On linux it stays green.
> Does this have any significance?

My guess would be "yes".

> I have checked and rechecked the login info, and rerun pppoeconf several
> times.

Do you have a DSL line or another PPPoE concentrator on your network? If 
it's a standalone modem that connects to your machine via ethernet, 
maybe you should try pppoeconf eth0 (eth0 being the device you use to 
connect to the modem) and see if that has a different effect.

Otherwise, I still suggest that you get in touch with iBurst support 
immediately after a login failure, they might be able to give you some 
clues on what went wrong.


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