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Have you people seen the EEE laptop?  Or is this what you're referring

I think it's an awesome laptop.  With 7" screen, weighing less than 1kg.
It runs a Xandros based OS, and is currently available with some
cellular (Cell-C) contracts.  It retails for about R2,800.

Perfect for traveling business people whose connectivity has already
been set up somewhere on the web.


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Hi, I'm Morgan Collett.

My involvement with education at this stage is that I'm a developer on
the One Laptop Per Child project, working mainly on the collaboration
stack for Sugar, but also on a couple of the activities for the XO.

While the OLPC distro is based on Fedora, not Ubuntu, the Sugar stack
and related software is being packaged for Ubuntu (hardy) by Jani
Monoses, and I plan to get involved with MOTU packaging through this.

Very exciting news is that we will have two deployments in South Africa
of 100 XOs each, in Soweto and Cape Town - a drop in the ocean but it
will raise awareness of Free Software in Education.

I'm very excited about the potential for Ubuntu (Edubuntu) for education
- not just as lower-cost software that makes IT more affordable for all
schools, but because of the freedoms in Free Software (see

OK, now your turn... :)


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