[ubuntu-za] packages

Igshaan Mesias igshaan at clue.co.za
Thu Jun 19 15:40:39 BST 2008


Simon Richards wrote:
>> all work with varying degrees of success

On that I would advise not to mix and match. So if you're going to use
aptitude stick with aptitude and so forth.

The reason for this is (afaik) that aptitude maintains its own list of
installed applications.

> This is why I asked, normally only use apt-get etc, then I noticed
> aptitude returns different results,   then I just thought I'd ask the
> experts....
Aptitude used to have better dependency handling over apt in that, it
helped solve orphaned dependencies.This is no longer the case with the
addition of apt-get 'autoremove'. I quite like aptitude for the reason
that it replaces about 16 different tools
(apt-get,apt-cache,apt-cdrom,apt-key etc) with one, Aptitude. It also
has an ncurses based interface that looks to be a better alternative to
using dselect. Just run "aptitude" without any options.

I would say if you get stuck on the apt-get way of doing things. Stick
to that, else use aptitude.

Igshaan Mesias

Linux is evolution, not intelligent design.

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