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Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 19:24:36 BST 2008

My problems with Hardy are making me despondent and pessimistic.

I have a common or garden Mecer PC with an Intel 965 motherboard which came
with a dual core 2.13 processor and a 82801H  Audio Controller. Hard to get
more common or garden than that.

My sound does not work.

I have spent many fruitless hours scanning the forums and launchpad and the
Internet in general. I have followed all the advice given me except that I
have not re-built the whole ALSA suite from source. There have been some
advances - alsamixer now works when it didn't before; I can set my default
sound card which I couldn't before. But sound there are none.

I have learned that the problem was first reported on the Alpha 2 release
and is a confirmed bug.

Did I mention that it worked fine with 7.10 Gutsy?

OK - so perhaps downloading the latest source of the whole alsa suite and
re-building is going to solve my problem. On the other hand perhaps it
won't. I am very reluctant to go down that route - somehow it seems to
confirm every popular prejudice against Linux - that it is for Geeks only.
If Ubuntu can't run on my stock standard off-the-shelf Intel PC, how much
faith can I have that the next release is even going to support my ethernet

Good - that is my frustration vented publically and is now off my chest.

Advice on what to do next? It seems I can -

Revert to Gutsy.
Keep on mucking around and re-build alsa and recompile my kernel and learn
yoga and stand on my head
Learn to live without sound
Hope that the bug gets fixed.


Oh - thanks for listening to me. And I still love Ubuntu even if a bit less
than before.

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