[ubuntu-za] Photo management

Hannes Coetzee scorpking at eshowecompcentre.co.za
Tue Jun 3 22:24:39 BST 2008

I use digiKam but thats KDE. Might be worth taking a look at it.


Denham Coote wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Can anyone recommend _decent_ photo management software for Linux?
> I'm looking for something along the lines of ACDSee, which includes:
> File browser (tree view)
> Thumbnailing (For bonus points: Thumbnail caching)
> Image viewer
> Importing images from media card (Again, for bonus points, auto-rotate
> would be great)
> Basic editing, if built in would be nice. (Levels, saturations, etc)
> Mass editing across files (mass resize, resampling, etc)
> That's pretty much it. (Other things like RAW image processing, EXIF
> data, etc, are nice, but not critical...)
> I've tried a few different packages, but none are quite up to the job.
>  F-Spot is almost ok, but it insists on using its own libraries and
> galleries. I have 50 000+ photos and I'm quite happy with the way they
> are stored - I don't see the need to re-import them into a library
> purely for the sake of being able to tag and catalog the files.  (If
> I'm being daft here, please advise :))
> Thanks!
> Denham.
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