[ubuntu-za] Wiki-data migration

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Sat Jul 19 21:11:20 BST 2008

Hi Ubunteros

I've been a bit quiet on the Wiki migration front. I finally got the
complete and final dump of the moin wiki database last week. It's
running again at http://jono.co.za/ubuntu-za/FrontPage

We'll need your help to migrate the data.

What needs to happen is:
1. Find a page that isn't in the new wiki yet
2. Copy and paste the wiki code from the old wiki to the new one
3. Edit the wiki mark-up from moin to mediawiki
4. Make sure all images from old page are included
5. Leave a message at the top of the page to let everyone know that the
page has been migrated, just so that it can be checked if necessary.

If there's anything I left out, please through it out there.


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