[ubuntu-za] Vmware server + MUI 7.10 gutsy question.

Glenn S glennlinuxmail at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 12:48:28 GMT 2008

I just found the problem, it is running and listening, for some reason I can
only reach the MUI via 8333 on internet explorer and not my firefox browser.
I get access denied on firefox. I know it has to do with the ssl somehow,
but not sure how to fix it on firefox - any ideas?

On 15/01/2008, S. William Schulz <swschulz at astrum.net> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 08:50:00AM +0200, Glenn S wrote:
> > I have installed 7.10 gutsy server using LAMP, have downloaded and
> installed
> > he current version of vmware server for linux 1.04 i think, and also the
> > interface. The server has no X and only the xdev libs so that I could
> get
> > the serial number authenticated. I have looked high and low on the web
> > regarding this install and as far as I am aware all is successfull. The
> only
> > thing I cannot find is how to access the box from another pc. everything
> > explains how to connect to mui via http://localhost:8222 or 8333 but I
> have
> > no X so I want to connect from another machine on the network. When i
> try I
> > get access denied on either of the ports, yet if i put the ip address in
> on
> > its own, apache works! so I am trying to find out where i can set the
> port
> > settings and adress allows for vmware server and vmware mui to allow
> access
> > from other local pc's. Any ideas?
> The MUI runs its own instance of Apache, so are you sure that it is
> actually running?  I know when I installed ours via the tarballs from
> VMware I had to edit the startup script to get it working.
> First thing to check on the VM box is whether the httpd.vmware is
> running, either via ps or netstat, e.g. 'netstat -an | grep 8222'
> If not, try changing the shell in the startup script to #!/bin/bash and
> trying it again.
> Let me know how it goes,
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