[ubuntu-za] traceroute / ping / packet loss

rdavin at cybersmart.co.za rdavin at cybersmart.co.za
Sat Jan 12 09:00:02 GMT 2008

Good morning,

I need to be able monitor our connection to remote server over the 
course of 24 hours.
What I want to see is the path that data is taking and also see where 
any delays are along the way.  After monitoring the connection for 24 
hours I would like to save the information to a file that can be saved 
or printed out for easy reference.

Testing for packet loss would also be nice providing massive amounts of 
bandwidth aren't used during a 24 hour test period. 

Is anyone aware of a free program that can be used for this? 
Is there possibly a program for this in the repositories that I'm not 
aware of?

Any help is appreciated,,


and...    Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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