[ubuntu-za] Donations for Project

William Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Mon Feb 25 09:01:36 GMT 2008

Hi Wayne,

Please send us an update every now and again as to how your project is


>>> plettpc at gmail.com 02/25/08 9:12 AM >>>
Apologeez for Spamming the list again!

William Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> If you require LPI 101 and 102 training material, goto
> http://www.ledge.co.za/software/lpinotes/index.php
Thank you, Excellent I can put to good use!

> I've got an old 4-bus PCI SCSI card lying around.

> Schiavo
> Simon
Great, This is exactly the type of devices we require!

> I have an extra 17" screen, and 2 old hard drives (4gb, and 2gb I
> think)... 
Reenen Laurie

Cool, I'll contact re details, Thanks again.

If there is anybody out there with old servers, scsi drives,cards... 
cisco or other manageable switches, Wireless routers, Any network 
related equip.(building a community mesh would be part of the training) 
Old pc100 ram for workstation upgrades as well as server ram as these up

and coming geeks are killing my small dl360 with ease.

Wayne A

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