[ubuntu-za] [Proposal] Ubuntu-ZA participation: monthly themes

Weiers Coetser coetserw at hbc.ac.za
Sun Feb 24 11:10:46 GMT 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-23 at 15:54 +0200, Morgan Collett wrote:
> = Ubuntu-ZA Participation =
> I'd like to propose that we pick an area of participation in Ubuntu
> South Africa each month for six months, and during that month we put
> as much as we can into discussing and moving that theme, or topic,
> forwards.
> The topics I have in mind are (in no specific order):
> * Education
> * Small Business
> * Software Development
> * System Administrators
> * Spreading Ubuntu in South Africa
> * [insert your idea here!]

This could possibly fall under education: --> Youth Involvement with
Ubuntu. Creating an environment for young people who are interested in
computers to explore and experience Ubuntu.

This could involve making a list of resources for young people who want
to explore the world of IT.

Finding a way to create forums for young people, or deliberately making
existing forums friendly to young people. (A youth page on the wiki?).

Encourage investment in youth development: eg. On software freedom day
we could offer sponsorship for two or three young people (School
leavers) to complete an LPI course, with a possible internship or job
offer at the end.  (Alternatively identifying young people who have
already excelled in the open source environment and sponsoring them to
attend one of the international Ubuntu conferences).

A further area of interest that affect Education and Industry 
Are there any service providers that provide LPI (or alternative)
training that is recognised by SETA (Sector education and Training

If not, could we find a way to register the LPI (or equivalent)
qualification with SAQA and find service providers that could offer this

How could we promote such training to the industry.

This might be out of the scope of this forum... and it might already be
an option.

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