[ubuntu-za] OT : Linkup Wireless Event 23 Feb 9:30-13:00

Karl Fischer kmf at fischer.org.za
Fri Feb 22 08:22:14 GMT 2008

This is just a reminder for tomorrow's event,


It will happen at the Department of Science and Technology, Building
53, CSIR Campus, Pretoria, South Africa

Linkup is an event designed to help people meet other people from
other Wireless Groups, see what they have in common, share their
knowledge and experiences and see if they can collaborate. Link -
Share - Learn.

There will be a Speaker from Freifunk : Corinna "Elektra" Aichele
taking about Mesh Networking.

About Corinna "Elektra" Aichele
Elektra co-developed and actively participated in the deployment of
Freifunk's mesh technology for community networks in Berlin based on
OLSR. She contributed to the adoption of Wi-Fi technology in
and India by participating in training workshops. She authored the
"Mesh" and co-authored "Wireless Networking in the Developing
World" published under the Creative Commons Licence. This book can be
downloaded free from the URL www.wndw.net. Elektra is currently a
of the Meraka Institute where she is testing her new mesh routing
protocol called B.A.T.M.A.N.
About the Meraka Institute
The Meraka Institute, through its Wireless Africa Research Group, is
pursuing innovation in wireless mesh networking aimed at creating
technology solutions that address the needs of the 450 million people
rural Africa without telecommunication services. Wireless Africa
produced a do-it-yourself guide called "Building a Rural Mesh Network"
aimed at communities who wish to build their own infrastructure. It
published under the Creative Commons Licence and it can be downloaded
from the URL
The rural community of Macha in Zambia was the first to successfully
apply the principles from this guide within one week after its
The Wireless Africa Research Group of the Meraka Institute is keen to
see community owned networks flourish. The soon to be published
regulations to the Electronic Communications Act will provide greater
clarity on the status of community wireless networks. We continue to
promote the need for exemption of these networks. In order to extend
reach of our mesh network ("ptamesh") to include CSIR staff far from
own infrastructure, we wish to meet with other wireless networks
operating in our area with a view to seek mutually beneficial peering


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