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André Truter andre at sensorysolutions.co.za
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Hi Jonathan

I've tried, they don’t care you only get "we only support Microsoft go and
look on the internet there is support". I suppose you just can't get through
to the correct person for reaction.


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Hi Tohir

Tohir Solomons wrote:
> I empathise with you. This is any one of the biggest challenges after
> getting it installed - get an internet connection working, especially
> modems. Without that, one cannot go far.
> After doing a reinstall, I had to dash off to an internet cafe just to
> get four libraries I needed to get my datacard to work.
> Perhaps this would be a recommendation to Ubuntu: make as many packages
> available on the cd that would facilitate users connecting to the
> internet.

I would dare say that Ubuntu is currently probably the distribution
which currently includes the most drivers (free and proprietary) out of
the box for modems, network and wireless cards. Restricted manager even
makes it easy to choose whether you want to use a free driver or not.
The problem is that there are some devices which have drivers which are
completely non-distributable. This means that Ubuntu can't include these
drivers under any circumstances- not due to technical problems, but due
to legal problems.

I wish the vendors of the hardware devices would at least include a
Linux version with their hardware, especially since Linux 2.6.23 has a
stable driver API which allows the vendors to ship a binary driver that
would be compatible with all future kernels with the new driver API. I
think it's up to all Ubuntu users who do have bad hardware to contact
their manufacturers and complain. It's not at all as difficult for
manufacturers as it used to be to make their hardware work on Linux,
most of the hard work has already been done for them, in most cases.


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