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Jonathan Sparks jonathan at sparks.web.com
Wed Feb 13 12:25:29 GMT 2008

Hi Andre,

I have not been using Ubuntu or Linux for long but have had problems 
setting up my wireless network so for what it is worth try going back to 
basics. If you are connecting at work your card and setup must be OK.

Make sure you are in range. Sounds stupid but my broadcom based card in 
my laptop connected fine from my bedroom when in XP, but wouldn't in 
Ubuntu. I ended up moving the router to the kitchen.

Turn off security settings (WEP, WPA ect) on router to try get it to 
connect like that first.

Make sure DHCP is turned on on the router.

Jonathan Sparks

André Truter wrote:
> That's the problem I don’t what to buy a book and it's not going to give me
> info on how to configure hardware or it's based on older versions. Will it
> make a difference or is all the releases the same that one book can be used
> for all Ubuntu commands and configurations?
> Well if it search for a wireless network nothing is found. If I try to
> connect manual it's not connecting. 
> At work we have one from Duxbury "NetGear" and no problem it see's it I add
> the key and I'm on.   
> André
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>> Is there any books you can recommend for me to get myself up to speed on
>> Linux and Ubuntu?
> There are lots of Ubuntu books. Search Amazon books for Ubuntu Linux...
> They are pitched at readers with different levels of experience, so I
> can't recommend anything specific. The only one I have is the first
> edition of the Official Ubuntu Book which I bought more for historical
> reasons and to support the authors than to get something out of it.
>> Can anyone help me to get Ubuntu7.10 to see my wireless SMC 2804WBR
> router?
> Please tell us more about the problem and configuration.
> Regards
> Morgan

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