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Ivo Vegter ivo at hivemind.net
Wed Feb 13 09:55:43 GMT 2008

André Truter wrote:
> That's the problem I don’t what to buy a book and it's not going to give me
> info on how to configure hardware or it's based on older versions. Will it
> make a difference or is all the releases the same that one book can be used
> for all Ubuntu commands and configurations?

There are often similarities, but for hardware problems, I wouldn't 
assume it.

> Well if it search for a wireless network nothing is found. If I try to
> connect manual it's not connecting. 

This page might have a clue:

Alternatively, Google for variations on ubuntu with your router's brand 
name, its model name, and/or an error message. Such combinations usually 
yield results from others who've had similar problems.

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