[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Web presence meeting last night

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 13 09:10:27 GMT 2008

Thanks for making this happen, Jonathan!

> 1. Mediawiki vs Moin
> We decided to go with Mediawiki[1]. The biggest reason is that more
> people are familiar with it and are more comfortable maintaining it. We
> will use the skin from Ubuntu-IN[2], which will be slightly modified to
> our needs (mostly support for floating side panels, css fixes, etc).
> There has been no objections to Mediawiki on the mailing lists so we
> will procede with this.

Can we keep the same URLs as the current site? Alternatively, can we
map from one URL scheme to another in such a way that we can use

Next step would be to look at migrating the data. I'll get a dump of
the current moin data to Jonathan.

> We will use a planet-based[4] aggregator for our community feed. The
> main feed will be an unfiltered feed, importing the direct feed that a
> member provides. At a later stage (or maybe sooner), we will implement
> an additional feed that is Ubuntu/Free-Software/Open-Source specific. I

Please note that posts aggregated will be subject to the Ubuntu Code
of Conduct, whereas members' posts aggregated on other planets are not
necessarily subject to the same requirement. I recommend that members
provide a specific feed for this planet if they feel the need to be
disrespectful on occasion...

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