[ubuntu-za] Rhythmbox - does anyone else get this problem? - Play queue only works once

CM Schoonbee cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za
Mon Dec 29 18:03:05 GMT 2008


Since moving over from Hardy to Intrepid (new install), I have 
experienced a problem with the default  Ubuntu music player, Rhythmbox.

(I looked whether the same symptoms had been reported on Launchpad Bugs 
but cannot find anything obvious.  It seems the kind of bug that would 
become apparent very quickly if it was in fact a bug so the absence of 
similar bug reports make me wonder if the problem does not lie with me.  
Hence this enquiry to the za mailing list before submitting a possibly 
erroneous bug report.
I hope someone can help me determine whether this is a prima facie bug. )

By the way, the problem did not show up in Hardy or Gutsy.  And it 
occurs on all three of my computers that I have installed  Intrepid on. 

Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) Desktop i386
Rhythmbox version: 0.11.6

Steps to create problem symptoms:
Create a Play Queue (say with two songs from your Music tab - 
right-click on each song and select Add to Play Queue).
Highlight (click on) Play Queue tab and click Play button to play it.
This works fine.
When the queue is finished playing, create another queue (select another 
2 songs).
Highlight (click on) Play Queue tab and click Play button to play it.
Although the Play button shows it is being pressed when you click on it, 
nothing further happens.  There is no sound and the progress button on 
the time slider does not move.
(In Hardy, the queue would play fine just like the first queue did)
I have to shutdown and restart Rhythmbox in order to create and play a 
queue again.

Can someone please confirm whether they get the same symptoms or not?

Thank you,

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