[ubuntu-za] eNatis and Go-Opensource Campaign

Jason Ming Sun jmingsun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:31:26 BST 2008

hi there
If I'm not mistaken, eNatis is powered by Joomla.

At last
year's Software Freedom Day celebration held at CSIR,local Joomla
representatives were there. I thought it would be a great opportunity
to ask some questions.

I asked one of the guys about the eNatis
project. I wanted to know if it initially failed because of a project
management/implementation issue or if the software just didn't cut it.
Before answering he excused himself to finish off a demo for a few
ladies. So I sat down on their couch waiting patiently. Eventually my
patience wore off. I then left without an answer.


On 4/2/08, Michael Chadbourne <michael.chadbourne at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I have a slightly different request. I have a colleague doing her MBA
> project on two open source topics and I was hoping the community could
> help bring some insight.
> The first question surrounds the Go-Opensousurce campaign. The
> television series was financed with R18 million rand, what did the
> series hope to achieve? Are we seeing more open source projects being
> developed in South Africa? How did the series impact the average man
> in the street? Do you have any success stories that relate to South
> Africans? If you have any more knowledge of the series please share as
> the question is very open ended (No pun intended).
> The second question relates to eNatis, information system for the
> department of transport. The project used open source languages and
> databases but the implementation was a failure. Did the open source
> model fail the type of project that needed to be completed for the
> department? Was the project rushed through certain key project stages?
> Were the developers comfortable with open source languages? The
> question relates to what went wrong in the project and how can that be
> be changed for future projects.
> Your help will be appreciated.
> Regards;
> Michael Chadbourne
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