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Jan Kroeze thejcwk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 19:04:45 GMT 2007

I went for a clean install. 'Cause my PC was getting *really* crufty. Not a
single problem! Everything working out of the box! I agree, what a wonderful

On 29/10/2007, Bill Cairns <pops at cairnsgames.co.za> wrote:
> I just got back from an overseas trip to find that the new Ubuntu was
> available. So I followed instructions and there it was.
> Well not quite so quickly. The download took more hours than I was
> prepared to stay up for. Some time in the middle of the night it stopped
> to ask me a stupid question that I only answered at 7 the next morning.
> Then, for some strange reason, it wanted my password again ...
> But that was it. My PC is now updated to 7.10. Everything that I had is
> preserved completely down to my last instructions in the terminal
> window.
> Whwn I think of the problems that we would be facing at work to go from
> XP to Vista (for less advantage) my mind is boggled. What a great
> release!
> Oh - and I did not like the new shade of brown that Ubuntu has come up
> with. No problems - I swapped it for a picture of the Stad de France
> with John Smit lifting the trophy. (My picture!)
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