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Thu Oct 18 14:49:24 BST 2007

photograph the party. If you video it please say "Happy Release 7.10
from <wherever you are>" as a group in the video and send it to
gerry.carr at We want to pull together a compilation video
for all to share."

Bonus points for photos similar to :-)

While there's no official goal other than to celebrate the most
rocking version of Ubuntu ever, now's a good time to think about the
following (whether you're attending a release party or not):

* Is everybody signed up on the mailing list? Aware of the wiki, forum?
* What should Ubuntu-ZA do to promote the use of Ubuntu in South Africa?
* How can we complement the activities of LUGs and other organisations?
* How can we get more GUTSY?
* How can we recruit more Ubuntu users?
* Events, meetups, and other face to face activities? (without
duplicating existing local geek/linux dinner/events - perhaps joining
* Marketing?
* Education?
* Translations into local languages?
* Involvement in the global Ubuntu project as

Note that none of the above will happen without your 2c worth, and
your diving in to make it happen. This is a community organisation -
don't wait for "somebody" to make it happen!

Report back here on Monday :-)


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