[ubuntu-za] Booting live with Ubuntu

André Truter andre at sensorysolutions.co.za
Wed Oct 10 17:58:49 BST 2007

Hi Morgan 

Where can I get a Gutsy Beta cd?
IBM is way above my price range, 
Thanks I've looked and know now more on what it could be. But it doesn't
look if there is a solution for it...


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On 10/10/07, André Truter <andre at sensorysolutions.co.za> wrote:
> When you boot with a Ubuntu 7.04 cd and it comes up with:
> /bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
> (initramfs)
> What will cause this? Is there a "easy" solution?
> Its on HP notebooks with Intel Core Duo 2 CPU's and a Intel 965 chipsets.

I've never encountered this, but I'm quite good at Google:


Looks like an unknown hardware compatibility issue.

Gutsy Beta LiveCD might work better given that it has 2.6.22.

> What is a new reliable Notebook for Ubuntu? I was told to go for HP, so
> tested with HP on there demo notebooks today all the same errors. Except
> one old one.

I've heard time and again, IBM/Lenovo T or X series. An Ubuntu
conference is like a Thinkpad user group...

I've got a Sony Vaio that I bought randomly because it was a lot
cheaper than the T43 I was going to get, but next time I intend to
hold out for something in the X series.


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