[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu Install

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Sun Oct 7 17:13:48 BST 2007


If you're using the text-based installer you can hit Cancel when it is 
trying to configure your interface with DHCP, then you get the option of 
skipping networking. This should render it unable to connect to the 
repos until you reboot into your new system. I prefer it to the live CD 
anyway as it's much faster to load up.


Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Hi William
> William Kinghorn wrote:
>> When installing Ubuntu, how do I stop the install process from trying to 
>> download repository info from the internet, and also updates.
>> I try downloading at night, so I don't want to download the repository 
>> stuff and update packages while I am installing.
>> I would have liked, an extra step in the install process asking if you 
>> want to download the relevant Repository and updates (Y/N),
>> this would speed the install process greatly.
> I think the best you could do until such a future is implemented, is 
> unplug your network cable during installation. Are you using the 
> debian-installer (alternate CD) or the Ubiquity (desktop cd, sent 
> through shipit) installer? I think debian-installer has some ways to get 
> around that.
> -Jonathan

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