[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu i386 Paralel Desktops for Mac 3.0

Justin Howard justin.howard at absamail.co.za
Sun Nov 18 06:41:42 GMT 2007

I have a very interesting question:

I have been able to install Ubuntu 7.10 on my Macbook Pro using Parallel 
Desktop 3.0. It took awhile and 1 brainwave later-- up and running. The 
question I have is most if not all of the Canonical packages have the same 
message about i386 computer type. Is there a workaround or a package I can 
install to correct this problem?

 Just curious as Linux should as I understand it be customizable and 
adaptable. Should thus be a the case how do I customize Ubuntu 7.10 to 
overcome this?

Many thanks!
Justin Howard 

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