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Ivo Vegter ivo at hivemind.net
Fri Nov 16 13:03:56 GMT 2007

David Woods wrote:

> 1.  Screen refresh rate; the flicker is too much for me and I'm getting 
> headaches.  I've followed instructions I found online, including 
> overclocking the monitor, but still can't iron it out.  Under identical 
> settings on Windows XP Pro I have no problems.

This shouldn't happen on recent releases, in my experience.

You haven't given much information, but for a start, check the 
"Restricted Drivers Manager" on the System-->Administration menu. It 
should offer to install the correct drivers. Usually, that sorts out 
default (low) refresh rate and resolution problems.

Otherwise, Google around for something like "ubuntu refresh ati" or 
"ubuntu refresh nvidia" (depending on what card you have) and see if you 
can't find the problem, or a better diagnosis procedure, described there.

> 2.  Sound: there is none.  I'm particularly clueless when it comes to 
> hardware and drivers and would really like to get some sound coming out 
> of the speakers.

I had this problem too. Your problem may be the same. It's a pretty 
simple (and stupid) problem, but it's hard to find. Here's the writeup I 
did on it:

My on-board sound card didn't get recognised. It was fine in Feisty.
It's a Realtek ALC888 (HDA-Intel) on an MSI P35 motherboard.

I neglected to track the exact sequence of events, but it turned out the
required snd-hda-intel kernel module wasn't installed. Modprobe couldn't
find it, either.

I think the problem was that the upgrade script installed two kernels:
one "generic" x86 kernel and one "386" kernel (I had both for kernel
version 2.6.22-14, along with one older kernel from Feisty). Gutsy was
running the -386 kernel, but had only the restricted modules for the
-generic kernel installed.

To fix the problem, I did the following:

1. In Synaptic, I uninstalled all -generic kernel packages and made sure
that the corresponding -386 packages were all installed (search for
"linux-" with the dash to make things easier to find):
       (which installs linux-image-2.6.22-14-386)
       (which installs linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-386)

2. Then I installed the missing module from the console:
     modprobe snd-hda-intel

3. Tested that sound works. It did.

4. To make sure the module loads on boot, I added the following line to


> 3.  Medibuntu - I get the white screen of death whenever I run 
> GoogleEarth, and the online forums haven't helped.

Can't help there, sorry.

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