[ubuntu-za] setting up a "farm"

Ivan Schoultz ivan at modusbrandco.co.za
Fri Nov 9 14:36:32 GMT 2007

I have this little spark of an idea to get a second life out of the 
smaller old-machines that congregate under my desk and cower for 
protection from being violated and used for spare parts.

Link then together with load-balancing so that collectively they become 
"one" new bigger machine. It's that whole "server farm" idea all over 
again, but I want this implemented for "internal desktop use."

I've been doing a bit or reading:

In adept, there are these apps:
  eql - load balancing tool for serial network connections
  tao-load - TAO load balancing service

Calling anyone else with knowledge / experience / interest / !!! ???


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