[ubuntu-za] Switch Stories

Weiers Coetser coetserw at hbc.ac.za
Fri Nov 9 04:51:20 GMT 2007


Just a report that I managed to send away one or two more t-shirts in
this month for switch stories. I still have a number of t-shirts left
(mostly Large).

One switch story was posted recently, but nobody contacted me with any
address details. I would love to send the contributor a t-shirt.



I tried a bit of a switch myself in the last few weeks. I have been
really frustrated at work because I fall on the home-and-dorm section of
internet which is managed by some propriatory "Firstspot" software. For
some reason this software picks up large amounts of traffic from my
Ubuntu Gnome desktop and when I log-in to the internet I lose many more
mBytes of bandwidth than I really use on the Internet.

It became so bad that I actually installed Windows on a laptop just to
acess the internet. My skills (actually ... lack of skills) in linux
networking let me down and I could not figure out what was happening to
the bandwidth (it seems to have been html traffic and it might be
related to the evolution-server).

When Kubuntu Gutsy released, I installed that on a partition in my
laptop. That solved the bandwidth problem. I was able to log-in and
remain logged in for a day without using almost any bandwidth.

But I really did not like this desktop environment. Whenever I closed
the laptop lid and opened it the screen would intermittently switch
itself on and off. Only a reboot would fix it (ctrl-alt-backspace is the
only other thing that I tried and that did not work). 

I would plug in a video-projector and I would again have to reboot the
laptop to get it to recognise the projector.

It did not automatically pick up my NTFS partition (Not that I needed
it. Even when I had Windows installed I saved all my work on the Ubuntu
ext3 partition).

I guess I could have solved all these problems, but eventually I got a
copy of Ubuntu Gutsy and replaced the Kubuntu with that. I've been
dreaming about teaching myself how Squid and IP-tables work so that I
could provide a service to our IT department. That will come one day far
in the future after I finished the LPI qualifications :-). 

Ubuntu Gutsy is really great. I don't have the problems that I had with
Kubuntu (come to think about it... I have not tested it on a
video-projector.) Everything just works. I strongly recommend it. And
the good news is that the bandwidth problems might be sorted out over
the week-end when our system administrator reverts back to "Hotspot" in
stead of "Firstspot".



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