[ubuntu-za] Mounting FreeBSD partitions on Ubuntu

Gustav H Meyer ghmeyer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 22:52:52 BST 2007


Am a bit lazy to do a search at this point but will look it up anyway at
some point. Let me try to explain it first so that maybe I will
understand the problem a bit better.

This may be a stupid example but I'll give it anyway just because it may
be interesting and possible after all. Say you wanted to fully configure
a FreeBSD server to act as a fail-over in case an existing production
server (firewall, gateway, ns or whatever combination) crashes, but in
the mean time while the current system is running and in a stable
condition you decide to use the fail-over server for experimenting with
other things like running Ubuntu server through dual booting without
affecting the "in case of a crash" system just so that the box isn't a
wasted investment.

<steel helmet on>Obviously FreeBSD never fails.</steel helmet off>

So therefore my question, can I mount a FreeBSD partition on Ubuntu
(read and write) and thus allow any additional updates to be
synchronised from time to time with the production server on the BSD

Maybe you guys have other interesting options like running Ubuntu server
inside a BSD VM (virtual machine)?

As I said, just for interest sake. Obviously there could be multiple
options to make better use of the hardware. So now, let me go and do
some Googling. :)


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