[ubuntu-za] Gripes about the wiki

Jason Norwood-Young jason at freespeechpub.co.za
Fri Mar 23 07:15:07 GMT 2007

Hi guys (and the wiki team in particular)

Personally I'm none too happy with the state of the wiki site for
Ubuntu-ZA. Here are my main gripes:
1. There are lots of pages missing, like the SyntaxReference and
HelpOnEditing page. Since I'm not a wikier, that means I have no idea
how to correctly mark up my submitted content.
2. There's no way to find out what pages are on the wiki at the moment
except by searching. Since there's very little on the wiki, your chances
of hitting something on the search are minimal. Also, with no links,
there's no chance of other search engines indexing the site properly.
The only accessible pages are those of the teams, and that's because
they're on the front page.
3. All the page template names are in another language.
4. It's kinda ugly, although this is the least of its problems.


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