[ubuntu-za] [Cape Town] Meetup?

Deon Erasmus deon at prosperis.com
Fri Mar 16 21:45:14 GMT 2007

On 3/15/07, Jonathan Hitchcock <jonathan.hitchcock at gmail.com> wrote:
> Morgan Collett wrote:
> > So let's talk about a weekend meetup some time in April in the Cape Town
> > area. (If you're not in Cape Town, please propose a similar event in
> > your area!)
> *silence*
> *cricket chirp*
> > Where?
> A meal is way too complicated for the first time - the politics involved
> in who eats what, who is willing to pay what, and how many people are
> actually going to show up (because you have to book a restaurant) is too
> much.  So, drinks it is.

How presumptuous of you to settle on "drinks" without consulting
anyone, when there are those of us who do not need to "drink" in order
to "fit in". It's especially offensive to Breatharians like myself.

> I'm going to go with the Waterfront, since everybody knows where that
> is.  There's a place right in the middle, near the big flagpole, called
> San Marcos, which does nice-ish cocktails, and isn't too hard to find.

The flagpole seems to suggest that it's outdoors, which would
effectively prevent the hematophagous among us from attending. How

> Saturday, 21st April, 2pm onwards.  If people want to move on to dinner
> somewhere, they can organise it over the course of the afternoon face to
> face.
> Can we have a rough idea of who is interested?

I'll come to your little party, if only to be smug and sneer at you
from under my fedora, cape and Ray-Bans.

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