[ubuntu-za] [Cape Town] Meetup?

Morgan Collett morgan at penguinlabs.net
Fri Mar 16 11:33:59 GMT 2007

Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:
> I'm going to go with the Waterfront, since everybody knows where that
> is.  There's a place right in the middle, near the big flagpole, called
> San Marcos, which does nice-ish cocktails, and isn't too hard to find.
> Saturday, 21st April, 2pm onwards.  If people want to move on to dinner
> somewhere, they can organise it over the course of the afternoon face to
> face.

Given that 7.04 aka Feisty should be released on April 19, that makes it
also a release party!

I'll try and bring a bunch of freshly burned CDs - bring a blank to
exchange if you want one!

> Can we have a rough idea of who is interested?

Me. By the way I couldn't find out how to RSVP on the Google calendar thing.


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