[ubuntu-za] [Cape Town] Meetup?

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan.hitchcock at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 08:55:14 GMT 2007


Morgan Collett wrote:
> So let's talk about a weekend meetup some time in April in the Cape Town 
> area. (If you're not in Cape Town, please propose a similar event in 
> your area!)


*cricket chirp*

> Where?

A meal is way too complicated for the first time - the politics involved
in who eats what, who is willing to pay what, and how many people are
actually going to show up (because you have to book a restaurant) is too
much.  So, drinks it is.

I'm going to go with the Waterfront, since everybody knows where that
is.  There's a place right in the middle, near the big flagpole, called
San Marcos, which does nice-ish cocktails, and isn't too hard to find.
I'll make/find/put up a map in a bit, if nobody has any better
suggestions or objections.  (And if you have an objection, you'd better
have a better suggestion.)

> When?

Saturday, 21st April, 2pm onwards.  If people want to move on to dinner
somewhere, they can organise it over the course of the afternoon face to

Can we have a rough idea of who is interested?

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