[ubuntu-za] Edgy CDs for the community

Morgan Collett morgan at penguinlabs.net
Fri Mar 9 05:15:20 GMT 2007

Jan Kroeze wrote:
> Point taken. Perhaps we should bring this to the attention of the 
> appropriate people so they can redirect South African queries to us?
> On 08/03/07, *Justin Hartman * <jjhartman at gmail.com 
> <mailto:jjhartman at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Surely we as a community can do better? Is it not a better option for
>     requests from shipit to come directly to the loco for distribution or
>     is this the current process? I don't know how it all works but
>     IMHO it
>     needs to improve. I dread to think how many people canned Ubuntu after
>     losing patience or picked up a copy elsewhere.
The subject of LoCoTeams officially handling the ShipIt process in their 
country keeps coming up in the global LoCoTeam discussions. Some teams 
have proposed to handle the whole process including manufacturing (since 
the artwork is available for the covers etc) - but Canonical's issue is 
how the finances will be handled in a trustworthy manner.

Craig, let's raise this as a "me too" on the loco-contacts list just for 

In the mean time, we get around 300 CDs as a LoCoTeam - and I think we 
can get them quite soon after Feisty releases. The thing is, we do want 
to have stock available for events, and I've given out 200 Dapper CDs at 
the Futurex show at the CLUG stand.

There are two levels of getting CDs: The official CD with the shiny 
cover, and a CD that somebody has burned for you and scribbled on the 
label. While the first option may be more desirable, the second is going 
to be more practical in most cases.

 From a logistics point of view, it seems better to not just hand out 
the CDs we get from ShipIt as fast as possible - except when we can see 
the new release coming and there are no events pending that would 
benefit from them. However we could certainly "reward" community members 
with these CDs based on some level of contribution or participation.

I've started a page on our wiki: http://www.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki/GetUbuntu 
- listing ways to get your hands on a copy of Ubuntu. The intention is 
to list *all* the ways, in some sort of order. Please contribute or edit 
this page. Please especially see the "Community Members" section where 
you can offer to burn CDs for people who are not able to source them 
from people they know directly.

If we can get these processes in operation, we can and must start 
raising our visibility in SA...


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