[ubuntu-za] Edgy CDs for the community

Jan Kroeze thejcwk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 17:45:56 GMT 2007

On 08/03/07, Justin Hartman <jjhartman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have to admit Ubuntu's shipit is up to ....... I requested a pack
> from shipit 3 months ago and am still awaiting for them to arrive. We
> are all aware that downloading with our current bandwidth constraints
> is near impossible and I'm very disappointed on the whole with the
> fact that I got nothing.

At the end of the month I can download an ISO for you and mail the written
CD if you're still experiencing problems, just tell me in good time. You can
also try one of the freedom toasters, they're listen on the Ubuntu website.

On 3/8/07, Morgan Collett <morgan at penguinlabs.net> wrote:
> > Jan Kroeze wrote:
> > > I'll take a few (Centurion, Pretoria). I study Computer Science, so I
> > > know one or two people who are interested. About 5 or so should do. If
> > > I need more I can just burn a few.
> > >
> > > One question: are there Kubuntu CDs as well? Almost everyone I know
> > > prefers KDE over GNOME...
> > There are a mix, but AFAIK more U than Ku. 5 Kubuntu should be no
> > problem. Let's see if anyone steps in to handle Gauteng - otherwise
> > Craig or I can post them to you.
> >
> > Morgan

Sounds good. How would you prefer I pay you guys for the shipping? If you
could somehow organise for me to pay the post office upon delivery, that'd
be great. Not sure if that's possible (can you tell I'm a Computer Science

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