[ubuntu-za] SWITCH STORY

wayne plettpc at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 20:51:24 BST 2007

As a IT admin for a number of schools in the area for a good few years 
i've always had Ms forced on me by the powers.
As fate would have it I was asked to supply a machine to be set up in 
the staff room as a educator only system for writing notes etc:
I recomended installing UBUNTU in passing and the Powers nodded.
After stealthy visit to hook it up, with a list of usernames and passes, 
I left fully expecting a swift phone call.
But all was quiet for a week, untill I got the call but surprisingly it 
was not to remove the machine but it made the staff so interested that I 
had to come give a full presentation to the whole staff compliment and 
format a few troublesome machines as well.
Switch done and a good few converts to GUI, next i'll drop Cli bomb too. 
Then maybe the labs.Then why not the 

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