[ubuntu-za] T-shirts!

Weiers Coetser coetserw at hbc.ac.za
Fri Jun 15 04:49:46 BST 2007


The free Ubuntu T-shirt campaign has been active for one week and I have
dispatched 7 t-shirts.

A number of interesting switch stories have been posted on the wiki:
http://www.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki/SwitchStories . They range form personal
experiences dripping with sentimentality, to awe inspring schemes of
transforming whole organisations and thousands of desktops, to
contributions that resemble a post to one of the Technical linux user

I still have some t-shirts left. It would be really great if you could
tell your story. In this week I handed out Ubuntu CD's to two people and
promised them a t-shirt if they could install it and tell me about their
experience and thoughts. I also met the administrator of a university IT
department in Zimbabwe who runs on Ubuntu because they cannot afford to
even think of Microsoft. As a result they have ironically ended up with
better systems and less trouble than many of our laboratories in South
Africa. In the spirit of good neighbourliness I am waiting for him to
write his story in exchange for a T-shirt (and perhaps I can donate
another t-shirt to one of the students in his institution: Solusi

So we are actively trying to find new owners for these T-shirts. Don't
lose out on this opportunity. Write your switch story today!


Please contact me after you told your story. Somebody wrote a switch
story, but left no contact details. I would really like to send him a
t-shirt, but alas!

For more information, visit our wiki:



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