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William Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Fri Jun 1 13:08:03 BST 2007

Hi Will,

Sorry will, I do want this for South Africa.

The next is copied from an e-mail between Willem and me.


Hi Willem,

I don't disagree with you that Linux+ is internationally accredited. Online, for me is not an option, I have too many distractions for me to put the type of effort required, I need to be lectured, as that will be time allocated to learn.

I am an Ubuntu user, to get the Ubuntu Professional Certification, you need LPIC101 and LPIC102, not Linux+, that is my problem.

So, I will do the Linux+, and then with the knowledge gained from the Linux+ course, work myself to get LPIC101 and LPIC102. I already have the LPI course notes, so what I am thinking, is to hold a training session with some of my friends, where I teach them. This way, I will need study the material before I teach it.

newhorizons used to be in Durban, but they closed down about 2 or 3 years ago.

You said. "I was thinking of opening a website were we can post the different Linux training courses and give some reviews maybe....", sounds like a good idea, but I don't have an option if I want to do the UPC.

But, if you want to set up a website, here is my suggestion.

Set up a site for putting on and finding training/linux/opensource places.

The putting on part : companies who have found the site, can put themselves on the database, and they have editing rights to only that part of the site. On the site you tell the companies that it is their job to keep their information up to date. It will be something like wikipedia, but not everybody can edit the company's info.

The finding part : when I am on the site, I can search, via a category, city, Provence or what ever to find a company that offers what I require, be it training, web services, etc.

Call it, don't know, still trying to figure that, it has to be a name that people will remember.

Your input will be appreciated, this is the basics of what I am thinking.


>>> Willem Jordaan <willem.jordaan at risksa.com> 05/29/07 2:45 PM >>>
Do you have a website were we can post the databases info??? Well have
just spoken to the people in Capetown on the Linux+ course ....and i was
looking at the COMPTIA one it has Linux+ server+ .... have a look here.
I see the good thing about this course is its internationally accredited
... and you can do it on line.
Have a look. I was thinking of opening a website were we can post the
different Linux training courses and give some reviews maybe....

Tell me what you think

Willem Jordaan


Hope this clarifies a little.


>>> will at ubuntu.com 06/01/07 1:50 PM >>>
William Kinghorn wrote:
> Hi Will,
> Yes, as I can get lots of places that do MS OS and related stuff, but finding OSS/linux is a little more dificult.
> So far I have come up with "OSSplacesZA" for OSS places for South Africa"
> Other countries can use the name, only changing the last 2 characters.

including ZA in the URL may not be the best approach if you plan to
extend to other countries in future. Perhaps just using co.za (or
org.za) would be better. OSSplaces is also not very descriptive, just
thinking aloud, what about something more along the lines of OSSmarket
or marketplace or something?


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