[ubuntu-za] Cape Town Feisty Release Party - thanks and photos

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan.hitchcock at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 09:51:34 BST 2007

Adrian wrote:
> Ubuntu-za (Cape Town) is new.  Lets start small.
> Lets pick a place, time and venue (which can be voted on).  Then lets
> open up a wiki page to book.  You have to book before a cut off time (a
> week before the meet?).
> Right, I vote for Saturday 19th May.  19h00.  Some restaurant at the
> Waterfront or Canal Walk  (that seems central to me).
> Once there are a few yays and no nays, I'll put it on the wiki.

Well, that was a fairly unanimous response.  Good to know everybody's so
excited about it.

That date sounds good, so I'm going to suggest the following venues, in
order of preference:

Col Caccia - a nice italian place close to the Convention Centre,
decently priced, etc.

Anatoli's in the Cape Quarter - Turkish restaurant, some very nice food,
with a fixed price, could seat quite a few of us.

Wasabi in Constantia - a sushi restaurant that does all sorts of other
food as well, good food, good atmosphere.

Adrian, if you could wikify this, including a main page where people can
sign up?
Anybody who wants to can either comment on this mail thread, or edit the
wiki page.  We'll make a decision by the end of the week, people can
sign up over the next two weeks, and we'll make the booking a couple of
days in advance.


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