[ubuntu-za] Error during online upgrade to Feisty

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 30 09:16:59 BST 2007

Jason Norwood-Young wrote:
> Save some bandwidth and just get the disc. I'm glad to see that the
> desktop version now has the deb files so you don't need to download the
> alternate disc to upgrade. 

I just checked, and the Desktop/Live CD does not have the debs for an 
upgrade. It only has a few debs to enable people to get their Internet 
connection working, such as packages for certain ADSL, ISDN and other 
connection devices, and build-essential and related compiler packages if 
you need to compile a driver.

IIRC this fixes what you ranted about when Edgy was released, Jason...

To upgrade from Edgy to Feisty without bandwidth, you need at least the 
Alternative CD, which has the debs and can do an upgrade. However with 
this CD, any packages you installed which were not on the original 
install CD will have to be upgraded over the Internet since they won't 
be on this CD.

A better bet is therefore the DVD image, which contains all the deb 
packages in the 'main' repository (which are all the officially 
supported packages - and 'restricted', the essential binary drivers) - 
so things like inkscape, which is not installed by default but is in 
main, could be installed from this disk.

If you have packages from universe, you will need to upgrade those over 
the net, unless you can get the unofficial 3-DVD pack which contains 
main, restricted, universe and AFAIK multiverse.

> I believe the UCT Freedom Toaster has Feisty

See here for details on this toaster: 

The distros it has are:
* Includes xubuntu, for those that have asked about that,
* Does not seem to have 7.04 server edition except for an Edubuntu 
Server version...?
* Includes Alternative CDs as well as the default Desktop CDs.
* Includes Desktop DVDs, which are what I mentioned above - a LiveCD, 
with all the debs too so you can install from a LiveCD session or 
upgrade (or just install packages you need if you have already upgraded).

Unfortunately the DVD burner is broken until probably some time on 
Wednesday, so only CD images can be burnt at the moment - however if you 
take along a laptop with WiFi you can download isos including DVD images.

Morgan Collett
morgan at ubuntu.com

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