[ubuntu-za] Error during online upgrade to Feisty

Jean Gruneberg kaosboss at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 12:06:06 BST 2007

Frank Sokolic wrote:
> Thanks Jan. I commented out the lines starting with deb-src and that 
> has solved the problem. Now all I have to worry about  is whether I 
> can complete the download before hitting my MWEB 1 Gb cap!
> Frank.
And I am trying to eke out a 10 Gig cap.... damn telkom....

Account    Total U/L    Total D/L    Total Up/Down    Cap Size    Cap 
Remaining    Cap Used    Max Conc. Conn
jeang@    0.591 GB    8.206 GB    8.797 GB    10.000 GB    1.203 GB    
87.97%    3

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