[ubuntu-za] Cape Town Feisty Release Party - thanks and photos

Adrian adrianmoisey at webmail.co.za
Mon Apr 23 17:05:24 BST 2007


>> Please would anybody else who took photos, send out the URL. Ditto for
>> any photos of the other events...
> Jonathan Carter's are at:
> http://photos.jonathancarter.co.za/ubuntu-party-7-04
> Jonathan Endersby didn't take any ;-)

I did.  I'll put then on teh intarwebs Real Soon Now.

> When do you want the next one?  If we have a dinner, then people *need*
> to confirm that they are coming, because you can't tell a restaurant
> that "between 11 and 30 people" will be arriving.  What we did on
> Saturday was rock up at San Marcos in the afternoon, confirm among those
> present who would be staying for dinner, and then we made the booking
> then, a few hours in advance.  If numbers get bigger, however, this
> isn't so easy - restaurants want to be told beforehand if there's a big
> table coming.
> Other options are informal afternoon drinks like we had on Saturday, or
> an event that we don't need to book for (e.g. a picnic in
> Kirstenbosch/Rhodes Memorial) (Joburg/Durban/Potchefstroom people are on
> their own here ;-).
> I think a dinner once a month would be good, though.
> Comments?  If nobody speaks up, I'm going to get executive again.

Ubuntu-za (Cape Town) is new.  Lets start small.
Lets pick a place, time and venue (which can be voted on).  Then lets
open up a wiki page to book.  You have to book before a cut off time (a
week before the meet?).

Right, I vote for Saturday 19th May.  19h00.  Some restaurant at the
Waterfront or Canal Walk  (that seems central to me).

Once there are a few yays and no nays, I'll put it on the wiki.


Adrian Moisey
e-mail: adrianmoisey at webmail.co.za
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