[ubuntu-za] Cape Town Feisty Release Party - thanks and photos

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 23 11:22:03 BST 2007

History is made by those who show up!

Thanks to those who came - we had 18 people there if I counted right...
special thanks to Jonathan Hitchcock for ending the crickets chirping
and setting the venue and time.

Unfortunately we couldn't think of any original-enough ideas for the
FunkyFeistyCompetition but there are about 4 weeks so maybe we can still
get that skydiving thing going? ;-)

Jonathan Hitchcock's photos are here:

Here's proof that the signed book giveaway is real:

Please would anybody else who took photos, send out the URL. Ditto for
any photos of the other events...

Something that came up at the meetup and also at the Ubuntu BoF on
Friday was that regular meetups would go down well. Perhaps there's a
Free Software friendly restaurant where we could have a standing
arrangement for a given night of the month, for those who want to go
along... Somebody please "own" this to make it happen - and not just for
Cape Town! OK, what's the plural of somebody?

Morgan Collett
morgan at ubuntu.com

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