[ubuntu-za] [CLUG-chat] Ubuntu-ZA event: Feisty Release Party

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 16 09:31:57 BST 2007

Stephen Tredrea | Comduit Websites wrote:
> On the web page it says there may be copies available - what versions?
> I'm interested in at least Xubuntu but possibly also Kubuntu. I
> downloaded the Beta version of Ubuntu Feisty for my old laptop and only
> after discovered that Xubuntu would have been a better option (grumble,
> grumble, grumble)!

I'll definitely bring some Ubuntu 7.04's and probably Kubuntu - I might
be able to bring Xubuntu down too.

I'll burn a few beforehand and bring my laptop - not sure how many I can
burn on battery though.

So, anybody else want to geek out and bring a laptop to burn CDs?

Morgan Collett
morgan at ubuntu.com

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