[ubuntu-za] localhost - unable to access

Robert Schumann robert at cantab.net
Tue Apr 10 22:43:17 BST 2007

Robert Holm wrote:
> Since installing Feisty beta I am unable to access localhost.
> If, for instance, to use the dictionary, I enter:
> rob at ubuntu:~$ dict -v definition - I get the reply
> Configuration file:
>    server localhost
> Cannot connect to any servers

This sounds a little like your networking (or part of it) is just not on 
for some reason. Try "ifconfig lo" and "ifconfig", to see what 
interfaces are available - and post the results here. Silly question: 
you have restarted since upgrading, have you?

If there's no confidential information in your 
/etc/networking/interfaces, it would help if you told us what's in that 

> All the entries in Network Connection appear to be correct.
> When I try to ping localhost or in Network Tools
> I get no response at all. If I ping the
> response is "address cannot be found".
> Using "Whois" on gives the reply: "Unknown AS number
> or IP network. Please upgrade this program".

ping takes an IP address/domain name, with *no* protocol and *no* 
directory. So the correct usage is the first one you wrote here, without 

whois shouldn't tell you about for a variety of reasons; in 
fact, whois information is useful only to us humans to want to know 
about who owns a domain name or an IP address, and doesn't tell us 
anything useful about solving network problems. Unless someone can 
illuminate me otherwise?

Since I haven't yet offered any useful fixing advice, and you appear to 
have internet access, I'll point you to a page G**gle told me about, to 
do with troubleshooting network problems:


> (In any case I am not sure whether I am doing any of this
> correctly).
> If I use the gui on the applications menu I get the same result.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how I can track down the problem?
> Regards
> Robert H

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