[ubuntu-za] Strange problem with router

Jan Kroeze thejcwk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 21:25:26 BST 2007

The problem isn't windows directly. Routers are completely independant of
OS. The problem is most likely in your windows connection settings.

On 07/04/07, Bill Cairns <pops at cairnsgames.co.za> wrote:
> I recently got a new router (my previous one died but never gave any
> problems until it did). It is a Mega 100WR and I got it from Telcom.
> Now what is strange about this router is that it works perfectly with
> Dapper. I have never had an incling of a problem.
> But it gives constant problems under Windows (2000). Half the time
> Pegasus Mail tells me that it can't connect to the POP server and
> Firefox tells me that it has lost contact with its server. (I even
> demeaned myself so far as to try Explorer, but it came up with a similar
> diagnostic). Strangely enough the problem fixes itself without any
> intervention after a bit and I can run normally without any problems.
> This is a strange problem to post on this site - but I have run out of
> ideas. I know that the obvious answer is to give up Windows completely -
> but I need to hang around there a wee bit longer.
> Any ideas?
> Bill
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