[ubuntu-za] Strange problem with router

Bill Cairns pops at cairnsgames.co.za
Sat Apr 7 20:14:32 BST 2007

I recently got a new router (my previous one died but never gave any
problems until it did). It is a Mega 100WR and I got it from Telcom.

Now what is strange about this router is that it works perfectly with
Dapper. I have never had an incling of a problem.

But it gives constant problems under Windows (2000). Half the time
Pegasus Mail tells me that it can't connect to the POP server and
Firefox tells me that it has lost contact with its server. (I even
demeaned myself so far as to try Explorer, but it came up with a similar
diagnostic). Strangely enough the problem fixes itself without any
intervention after a bit and I can run normally without any problems.

This is a strange problem to post on this site - but I have run out of
ideas. I know that the obvious answer is to give up Windows completely -
but I need to hang around there a wee bit longer.

Any ideas?


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